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Monday, October 31, 2011


Act as antitumor or anticancer.

Strengthen body resistance to diseases.

Provide powerful antioxidant.

Enhance the body's detoxification process.

Promote blood circulation.

Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood - improves brain function and memory.

Regulate blood glucose by assisting pancreas functions and prevent diabetic nephropathy.

Prevent allergic responses by inhibiting the release of histamines.

Relieve fatigue by aiding the body to sleep well.

Energize the body by providing vitamins, minerals and active elements.

Neutralize acid in the body (i.e. acidic body is prone to diseases).

Support the body's natural desire to return to optimal health.

Promote youthfulness, longevity (anti-aging) and prevents neurodegeneration (e.g. Alzheimer's Disease)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) inhibitor

and much more...

Medical Research on Lingzhi (Ganoderma or Red Mushrooms)

Anticancer properties of Ganoderma

Anticancer properties of Ganoderma lucidum methanol extracts.

Institute for Biological Research Sinisa Stanković, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia
Anticancer activities of various extracts of the medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, have been widely demonstrated and are mainly associated with the presence of different bioactive polysaccharides and triterpenoids. We have evaluated and compared in vitro and in vivo the antitumor effects of two preparations from Ganoderma lucidum: a methanol extract containing total terpenoids (GLme) and a purified methanol extract containing mainly acidic terpenoids (GLpme). Both extracts inhibited tumor growth of B16 mouse melanoma cells inoculated subcutaneously into syngeneic C57BL/6 mice and reduced viability of B16 cells in vitro, whereby GLme exhibited stronger effect. Furthermore, anticancer activity of GLme was demonstrated for the first time against two other rodent tumor cell lines, L929-mouse fibrosarcoma and C6-rat astrocytoma. The mechanism of antitumor activity of GLme comprised inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of caspase-dependent apoptotic cell death mediated by upregulated p53 and inhibited Bcl-2 expression. Moreover, the antitumor effect of the GLme was associated with intensified production of reactive oxygen species, whereas their neutralization by the antioxidant, N-acetyl cysteine, resulted in partial recovery of cell viability. Thus, our results suggest that GLme might be a good candidate for treatment of diverse forms of cancers.

Amazing Ganoderma

Amazing Facts about Ganoderma

Ganoderma is known for centuries as the "Miraculous King of Herbs" that has a traceable consumption record of more than 2,000 years.

To these days, health miracles are still happening from a child with Biliary Atresia to an adult with kidney failure, a hypertension, and even a diabetic gangrene foot (Warning! Disturbing photos). For other health problems including cancer like mesothelioma, please read more testimonials...

Ganoderma is the only herb on our planet with approximately 400 different bioactive compounds. They develop naturally as a food supplement for a healthy body.

Ganoderma has 5 highly therapeutic bioactive compounds that work in synergy to correct cell imbalances, detoxify the body and strengthen its natural immune system. They exist all together naturally only in red mushrooms.

Ganoderma is an adaptogen that works directly on every cell of the human body. It provides oxygen, nutrients and elements that correct cell imbalances. Thus, strengthening the cell membranes so the cells will not take in new toxins.

"If the cells are healthy, the body which is a bundle of cells is healthy."

Saturday, October 29, 2011


According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, ganoderma contains active ingredients that can increase your metabolic rate after consumption. As your metabolism increases, your body uses more energy to digest food more efficiently. This energy is fueled by breaking down fat deposits and calories in your body, which can then lead to weight loss. Ganoderma increases the rate in which your body provides oxygen to your blood, which allows your body to exert additional energy.

Ganoderma supplements also contain polysaccharides which can serve as a strong detoxifying agent in your body according to the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, . In addition, polysaccharides strengthen your body's natural healing ability while also assisting with digestion. According to, an improved digestive system may lead to more efficient waste excretion and thus increased weight loss. Further research is needed to substantiate claims of weight loss associated with detoxifying agents, however.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Health Benefits of Ganoderma Mushrooms

Ganoderma is a well known medicinal mushroom with a number of benefits for natural health, although it is not a medicine or cure for any specific health problem like medicines but its a mushroom with natural medicinal properties.
Ganoderma is an alternative approach to  health care and health cure which can be used along with treatment from modern health care professionals. Sometimes Ganoderma is also referred to as a Magical Mushroom, because many people accidentally discover its health benefits, which they least expected from it. Ganoderma isn’t totally based on some marketing gimmick but its a marketing gimmick based on some real health benefits that many people have realized themselves after its consumption.

Think and Act, Don’t be Mislead On Health Benefits and Natural Cures
One should not be mislead by any claims even what has been written here, try this natural alternative for some time, after understanding its basic and how it works, as some people often face discomfort during the first few days and often think that it not helping but causing more problem and therefore leave even without giving it a fair trial.  One must also understand that this isn’t a medicine or cure for specific disease, its just a supplement and we cannot expect to treat everyone using a single supplement, there are many other natural alternatives and some people report improvement from one while others from many others, so don’t be mislead to believe anything.

Ganoderma is actually an ancient medicine of China (TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine) which has medicinal history of over 4000 years. It is a ancient traditional medicine which has many popular regional names like in China it is called Lingzhi while in Japan it is known as Reishi. Ganoderma Lucidum is its botanical name. Both Gano and derma are derived from Greek where Gano means shiny and Derma means skin. So, naturally ganoderma mushroom has a bright shiny appearance.
Ganoderma mushroom is a natural source of many useful bio-chemical which are studied and part of biochemistry. These bio-chemicals provide many health benefits to our body and mind without interfering with our body system. We are not going to discuss these biochemical found in ganoderma here because we are not discussing in a scientific journal but writing with a perspective of a common man who wants to known something about medicinal mushroom ganoderma lucidum and its common health benefits. Using ganoderma regularly can help to prevent many health problems that are quiet common today. Most of the health benefits provided by it are permanent and stay forever. In order to get lasting health benefits from this medicinal mushroom,  we must also look at our lifestyle and make some changes, to make it natural and healthy along with improve some of our habits to suit our body system.
Today people often associate Ganoderma with specific disease or health conditions and how it can help others to recover or get well, they also discuss its active elements and there medicinal properties. I am not against all these things but must remember that ganoderma is also known as a health supplement from alternative health care system and these health supplements are not supposed to be taken only as some medicine for treatment. provides more information on these issues to protect a common man. A misinformed consumer of ganoderma based products has unrealistic expectations from it and when he/she is unable to get such results as per his expectations quickly in a time frame, they start ignoring every health benefits or change that is visible in there health and start under estimating its power.
Like other Medicinal Mushroom Ganoderma too is able to provide some health benefits, improve status of one’s health beyond common imagination (better then other medicinal mushrooms) but it definitely takes some time, because it is not a medicine for specific disease its a herb which can only help to regulate natural processes in the human body, when our body’s natural functions are regulated/improved to a certain level, we feel considerable improvement in our health and fitness.
How much benefit can this medicinal mushroom provide depends on many factors like our current health status, condition of the body, age factor, living conditions etc. So, each one of us cannot expect same results in a given time frame. Anyone can use it for some weeks and feel a slow lasting improvement in his health and fitness. Some healthbenefits provided by ganoderma mushroom have no know source or any specific symptom, but people often see improvement and thus call it a magical mushroom.
In any case personally one should only use natural health products like Ganoderma or ganoderma extract based products for preventive health maintainance, for those who have some health problem and have heard that it can be cured by using Ganoderma or other TCM as alternative therapy, then please remember to always follow instruction of a certified medical professional, take treatment under his/her guidance first.

Ganoderma - The Health Benefits of Ganoderma

What Is Ganoderma?

More commonly known as reishi, ganoderma is a hard, bitter mushroom used to promote health and longevity in traditional Chinese medicine. Proponents claim that ganoderma can relieve fatigue, keep cholesterol in check, curb high blood pressure, tame inflammation, build stamina, and support the immune system.

An increasingly popular natural remedy, ganoderma is only used as a medicinal mushroom and isn't recommended for cooking.
Ganoderma shows promise in reducing cholesterol levels and easing allergy-related inflammation of the airways, according to preliminary evidence from animal-based studies. Here's a look at more of the science behind ganoderma's health-enhancing effects.

1) Cancer and the Immune System

Often used as an immune stimulant by people with cancer (as well as HIV), ganoderma has been shown to strengthen immunity as well as combat cancer-cell proliferation. In a 2003 study of 34 people with advanced-stage cancer, for instance, taking ganoderma in supplement form three times daily for 12 weeks led to a significant increase in T-cells (known to play a central role in immune defense).

Lab tests on breast cancer cells, meanwhile, found that combining extracts of ganoderma and green tea heightened the mushroom's ability to slow cancer-cell growth.

2) Antioxidant Benefits

Several small studies have suggested that regular use of ganoderma supplements may increase your levels of antioxidants, compounds thought to protect against disease and aging.
3) Relief of Urinary Tract Symptoms

In a 2008 study of 88 men with urinary tract symptoms, researchers found that ganoderma was significantly superior to placebo in providing symptom relief.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


There are lots of people all over the world who love drinking coffee. They feel that their days will not be complete without taking a whiff of that luscious aroma and having a sip of their favorite blend. And because of this, coffee is now the second most in demand product in the market next to oil. Just imagine how much coffee is consumed in an entire day.But think about this. Whenever you served a cup to someone, did you ever get paid? Despite being enjoyed by billions of people all over the world, the truth is that only those who engage in the coffee marketing business gain profit from the high demand for coffee. Good thing there is Organo Gold, a company that aims to distribute a premium kind of  Ganoderma Coffee that is not only delectable but 100% healthy a well. It is said to bring balance to the well being because of its active ingredient, Ganoderma, which is a Chinese herb used for 4,000 years.Organo Gold coffee is a type of gourmet coffee, a blend that is one of a kind not only because of its great taste but because of its numerous health benefits. Because it is infused with Ganoderm Lucidum, the company was able to develop a flavor that is so great that it can be used to replace the ordinary coffee.A coffee with so much health benefits is only fit to be shared to millions and this is where your help is needed. The company aims to introduce Organo Gold coffee to the different parts of the globe through people like you who are willing to become their partners. Through an efficiently designed network distribution, you get to market Ganoderma products and share in its global profit.If you are the type of person who prioritizes your family's future, then joining the company can be a great decision. You will be guaranteed with a career that is stable and at the same time globally competitive.Becoming member of this company will surely bring a lot of benefits but apart from this, what's more important is the fact that you will become a part of a family that is continually growing. This is a company that has compassion which extends not only for you but to all the people whom you will pass on the knowledge of Ganoderma. 
Ganoderma Healthy Coffee - Healthy Coffee For LifeTM
Organo Gold Brand Coffee offers a delicious and healthy line of beverages containing Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Mushroom). These prized mushrooms have a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. Ancient generations realized Ganoderma provided them more vigor and energy, while reducing fatigue.
Ganoderma is said to be more powerful than Ginseng! Discover the benefits of our amazing and extremely delicious Ganoderma products for yourself. All of our beverages come in individual single serving packets. Very low acid content. Just add hot water and enjoy! - Make Organo Gold Coffee Your Healthy Coffee For Life! -