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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reishi Mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum) can help you..

For Centuries, only the ancient tribes of South East Asia (and a handful of Herbalists), have been allowed to learn
‘The Truth about the Health Boosting Secrets of this natural mushroom’.. that Practically Guarantees Results..
.(even where prescribed medicines have failed!!)

Ganoderma licidum also known in Asia as the 'Red Reishi Mushroom' or 'the miracle mushroom', is a fungus only found in specific tropical areas in Asia.

Other countries have tried to import the spores and cultivate this mushroom but have failed to reproduce and yield the highest quality mushrooms..
(The specific areas where the good mushrooms are found, are in specific climates where the nutrients in the soil and environment are essential).

You may have heard of other less potent variants of this species of fungi being distributed and it’s a shame that you may not know about the ‘Premium variant of Red Reishi from the tropics’, (you get the real thing!)

Since the unveiling of this secret mushroom to the Western World, scientific studies and medical research have proven that Red Reishi Mushrooms from South East Asian tropical climates hold unique, immune system boosting properties which when consumed boost the human immune system to levels never seen before!

Consuming this mushroom on a rgular basis will ultimately..

* Boost and protect your immune system like no other organic substance known to mankind!
* Prevent cold’s, flu’s, virus and general sickness
* Helps you lose weight and can even "reverse" signs of diabetes!
* Eliminates stomach problems and aids the digestive system
* Encourages a natural blood pressure
* Restores energy and prevents exhaustion and the list goes on..

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  1. I would say not to much light I had mine under alot of light and nothing . Also you must put something in the bottom to keep it humid perlite or some hydroponic rocks will work and keep it moist water on the walls at all times cubensis spore syringe


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