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Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new years

Remember to set realistic goals,and we all can reach them together.enjoy yourself tonight and be safe always. tomarrows a new year with lots of good things to come .so  just keep looking forward and keep your head up and good things will come.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Lose weiht without changing yoor routine

I ts another year ,and with that comes NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. The most common is to lose weight.Well that great and all ,but where most people fail is whene they try to do to much at one time.They just get overwhelmed with all the changes they try to make at once. For instance for some peaple who drink coffee like my self, switched to a healthy brand of coffee like ORGANO GOLD HEALTHY COFFEE , LATTE ,MOCHA,HOT CHOCOLATE AND GREEN TEA .Just by doing the same thing ,drinking coffee,just a healthier brand ,they began to lose weight. One of the benefits of Organo Gold is weight loss and healthy weight loss at that. It naturally detoxifies  ,which is a big part of weight loss.There are plenty of other health properties and reasons to drink ORGANOO GOLD ,losing weight is just the beginning . This way you can start without really changing anything ,just enjoy healthy gourmet coffee.
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Monday, December 26, 2011

The choices you make will effect your weight

For you to develop new lifestyle habits relative to exercise and nutrition, you need to learn how to make the right choices each day. These choices relate to what you eat, how much you eat, and whether or not you exercise.
The choices you make will determine how successful you will be at achieving your weight loss or fitness goals. Getting started on a weight loss program will require careful planning. Gyms may offer their own programs, but you as an individual can plan a successful weight loss program yourself.
You need to evaluate all the options and stick to your program.:
• Adopt lifestyle habits that you will be able to live with for the rest of your life.
• Select your foods carefully and know how to work out the portion of food that you will require.
• Decide on a regular exercise program based on your needs and stick to it for the duration of your program.
• Set your goals on a realistic weight loss target.
Most people who start with a weight loss program drop out within the first month. You will have to be patient as it will take you time to get to where you want to be, requiring plenty of discipline. One way to increase your motivation to make sure that you stick to your weight loss program is to monitor your progress, so draw up a chart.
By planning a weight loss program you need to decide on how many meals you will eat, what you will eat, and for how long. When you eat several small meals throughout the day, instead of one or two larger ones, the body produces less insulin.
 If you like gourmet coffee ,latte,mocha,hot chocolate or tea then there is a healthy brand the can help you lose weight. since you already drink it why not drink one thats good for you , tastes great and helps you lose weight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Must Approve of Yourself

You Must Approve of Yourself
You can make the best plans in the world for your life. But no action,
no accomplishment, no outcome will offer you ultimate fulfi llment.
You must offer yourself complete, unconditional approval regardless of
whatever takes place in your life.
TWO OF FREDDY Johnson’s good friends have gone on to become famous
and well-paid head coaches in professional and college basketball. Freddy
coaches high school boys’ basketball on a far smaller stage, for a far
smaller paycheck.
Far from being jealous of his friends or disappointed in himself,
Freddy celebrates their successes and his own. He keeps newspaper clippings
about his old friends in his offi ce for his players and visitors to see.
And Freddy never doubts the value of spending almost three decades
teaching and coaching the game of basketball. “It’s amazing where some
of the guys I know are now,” he says. “But I’m happy where I am, too. I
wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Freddy has won more than six hundred
games and half a dozen state titles.
Freddy’s fellow high school coaches admire his willingness to keep
learning and his willingness to surround himself with good people.
“Head coaches always want to be the dominant force on their team,”
says one competitor. “No one else should know as much as they do.
No one else should question decisions that are made. But Freddy seeks
to be around the best assistants in the game because he has the selfconfi
dence to surround himself with talented people and to take their
success as something he, too, can be proud of.”
Those who considered themselves a success were 25 percent less likely
to feel anxious about their lives, 14 percent less likely to be selfi sh, and
45 percent more likely to say they enjoyed their lives. (Chamberlain and
Haaga 2001)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creativity Comes from Within

Everyone wants to think of something new—to solve a problem
no one else can solve. And every business wants to encourage its
employees to have the next great idea. But creativity is not the same as
hard work and effort; it requires genuine inspiration. It is the product
of a mind thoroughly intrigued by a situation. Thus, creativity comes
not when we are paid or rewarded, but when we focus our attention on
something because we want to.
JAPAN RAILWAYS EAST had the contract to build a bullet train between Tokyo
and Nagano to be put in place in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics.
Unfortunately, the tunnels the company built through the mountains
kept fi lling with water. The company brought in a highly paid team of
engineers to come up with the best solution. The engineers analyzed the
problems and drew up an extensive set of plans to build an expensive
drainage system and a system of aqueducts to divert the water out of the
A thirsty maintenance worker one day came up with a different solution
when he bent over and took a large swallow of the tunnel water. It
tasted great, better than the bottled water he had in his lunch pail.
He told his boss they should bottle the tunnel water it and sell it as
premium mineral water.
Thus was born Oshimizu bottled water, which the railroad sells not
only from vending machines on its platforms but now also by home
A huge cost was transformed into a huge profi t, all by someone looking
at the situation differently.
Studies in which people were offered money in exchange for creative solutions
to problems found that monetary rewards were unrelated to peoples’
capacity to offer original ideas. (Cooper et al. 1999)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The oxidative hypothesis of carcinogenesis asserts
that carcinogens generate reactive oxygen species
that damage RNA and DNA in cells, predisposing
these cells to malignant changes and enhanced cancer
risk. Most, but not all, damage is corrected by
internal surveillance and repair systems involving
dietary antioxidants, as well as endogenous antioxidant
mechanisms. Antioxidants are therefore proposed
to prevent cell damage by neutralizing free
radicals and oxidants, thus preventing subsequent
development of cancer.

Antioxidant Defense

An antioxidant can be described in simple terms as
anything that can delay or prevent oxidation of a
susceptible substrate. Our antioxidant system is
complex, however, and consists of various intracellular
and extracellular, endogenous and exogenous,and aqueous and lipid-soluble components that act
in concert to prevent ROS formation (preventative
antioxidants), destroy or inactivate ROS that are
formed (scavenging and enzymatic antioxidants),
and terminate chains of ROS-initiated peroxidation
of biological substrates (chain-breaking antioxidants).
In addition, metals and minerals (such as
selenium, copper, and zinc) that are key components
of antioxidant enzymes are often referred to as
There are many biological and dietary constituents
that show ‘antioxidant’ properties in vitro. For
an antioxidant to have a physiological role, however,
certain criteria must be met.
1. The antioxidant must be able to react with ROS
found at the site(s) in the body where the putative
antioxidant is found.
2. Upon interacting with a ROS, the putative antioxidant
must not be transformed into a more
reactive species than the original ROS.
3. The antioxidant must be found in sufficient
quantity at the site of its presumed action in
vivo for it to make an appreciable contribution
to defense at that site: if its concentration is
very low, there must be some way of continuously
recycling or resupplying the putative

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Healthy Daily Menu

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, there are several different "lose weight fast" diets that have you eat the same type of food daily, like cabbage soup or no carbohydrates. Meal plans like that can offer initial weight loss, but may not be healthy in the long run. With a little bit of strategy and planning, you can create your own healthy daily menu or diet plan that can help you maintain a fit lifestyle without eating the same thing every day.

No Fruits Alone
The USDA recommends an average of five servings of fruit per day for a balanced diet. That can add up to two or three cups of fruit. If you don't like eating fruits on their own, eat them as toppings or sides with all of your meals and snacks. Chop up bananas and put them in your cereal, and have a handful of grapes with your chips. Sliced baked apples go well with a grilled pork chop dinner. Limit your intake of fruit juices, which often come loaded with sweeteners.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Staying motivated each and every day is one of the most difficult and essential requirements to be successful at losing weight and maintaining weight loss. Motivation levels will vary from day to day, or hour to hour. They tend to be high at the beginning of a weight loss program or diet plan, but quickly wane when the going gets tough. Being highly motivated means you exercise on a consistent basis, even when you don’t feel like it and you stick with the healthy dietary choices, even when you’ve have a bad day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Watching your weight?


Eating salads can be a great way to boost your intake of important vitamins and minerals while increasing the number of fruit and vegetable servings you get, which is key to maintaining a healthy weight. But it can also be all too easy to turn that nutritious salad into a belt-buster if you use the wrong toppings—crumbled bacon, croutons, cheese, deep fried foods such as taco shells, wonton strips and fatty salad dressings are all delicious, but can all pack on loads of calories and fat in the blink of an eye.

The good news is that there plenty of other toppings that can be used instead that are just as tasty. For starters, try using spinach or darker greens for your base as they contain more nutrients than lighter colored greens. Top with a variety of colored vegetables or even fruits for different tastes and textures. Sprinkle on a few pecans or walnuts for some heart-healthy “good” fat. And go easy on the dressing—try varieties like herb-flavored vinegars and olive oil to get more flavor with less.

What’s your own favorite healthy salad ingredient? Share your great idea in the comments below!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seeking a healthier lifestyle is an inherently good thing that will help
you in many ways in your life. But seeking a perfect outcome—the
perfect body—is neither good nor helpful. In reality, perfection does not
exist, because for every improvement we make, we can always think of
something else that could be changed. Seek a healthy body that functions,
not a perfect body fi t for a display case.
COMEDIAN AND FORMER talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell has battled a
weight problem for as long as she can remember. One day Rosie decided
to start a club to encourage the overweight to improve their habits and
fi tness. Seeking a fi tness coach, she said, “I didn’t want some Barbie-doll
type saying, ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ Anyone who sees that is going
to think, ‘I’m never going to look like that. Why bother?’”
For the club’s head fi tness coach, Rosie hired Judy Molnar, who
stands six-foot-one and weighs two hundred pounds. “When I fi rst met
Judy,” Rosie said, “I thought, ‘Here’s someone who looks like me, looks
like a regular person.’” Judy’s message—“If I can get fi t, anyone can”—
resonated with Rosie.
A few years before, Judy began walking for her health. At the time,
she weighed three hundred pounds. Gradually her walking routine
became a running routine. And although she was not focused on losing
weight, it began to happen anyway, “one doughnut at a time,” she says.
After a year, she had lost one hundred pounds.
When O’Donnell’s club sponsored a run, Rosie had a chance to meet
countless club members. “These people told me I inspired them,” she
says. “Well, they inspired me.”
Less than 2 percent of people surveyed were unable to come up with something
they would want to change about their bodies. (U.S. Department of
Health and Human Ser vices 2002)

Be Happy to Succeed

We all think we would be happy if we were a success. But happiness
is far less dependent on objective measures of success than success
is dependent on happiness. A positive approach precedes a positive
“A LAW FIRM can be a pretty high-stress place,” Mike admits. The cofounder
of a midsize Indianapolis fi rm, Mike, together with his partners,
committed to a different vision of a law fi rm from day one.
“We thought you could build a law fi rm based on the belief that
everyone should still have a life,” Mike says. No one is expected to make
a habit of working late nights or on weekends. Everyone is expected to
take the occasional afternoon off to see their child’s class play or Little
League game. The rules apply equally to the most senior partner and the
most junior offi ce assistant.
“You start talking about these things, and some people think this
is a fi rm for slackers,” Mike says. “But we’re talking about facilitating
excellence, not impeding it. We’ve found that a human approach makes
our staff happier, which makes their efforts more sustainable. The great
secret here is that we actually expect more of our people, and we get it.
Because even though you can get people to work hard under threat and
toil, you’ll never get them to work their best that way.”
Researchers have found that happy individuals are 73 percent more likely
to go on to experience positive outcomes in both their career and their personal
life. (Lyubomirsky, King, and Diener 2005)
Health and happiness go hand in hand .So be happy to be healthy and drink healty coffee,latte,mocha,and green tea.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Motivation Beats Everything

Lack of motivation is a handicap that can stifl e a person’s potential
regardless of their strengths. If you do not want something, it simply
does not matter how talented you are. Understand that motivation is the
biggest asset you possess in pursuing your future.
 WORKING the kitchen washing dishes at a restaurant in Fresno,
California. It was undeniably the worst job in the place. “It was backbreaking
work in unbelievable heat. The pace was always hectic, and
when the dinner rush fi nally slowed, you had to face the pots and pans,”
Sam says.
Although only a teenager, Sam thought about the things he would do
differently if he ran the restaurant. “The tile fl oor would get slippery as
the night wore on, and we were always trying to come up with ways to
keep the waiters from falling down, ’cause if they fell down, it was the
dishwashers who had to clean it up,” he recalls.
It was only a dream at the time—but little by little he saved what he
could. He moved up step-by-step through restaurant jobs until he was
running the kitchen. Twenty years after he started as a dishwasher, he
opened his fi rst restaurant, and within a few years he had four locations.
Sam, who won an award for the success of his restaurants, credits
his outlook for his success: “It would not be possible without hard work,
but it would not be possible without believing in it. If I didn’t believe, I
never would have saved. I never would have learned everything I could
about the business. If you have persistence and confi dence, you have a
bright future.”
Researchers found that the future career earnings of schoolchildren were
four times more strongly infl uenced by personal motivation than by any
other factor. (Russell and Atwater 2005)

fad diet?

Fad diets are weight-loss programs or supplements
that promise to deliver quick weight loss with minimal
effort. Fad diets are appealing to some athletes, as
time is always a factor, but the negative implications
on performance are not worth the risk. Fad diets are
not supported with scientific research; therefore, the
claims made regarding the products and/or ways of
eating are not proven to be healthful or effective over
the long term. The long-term use of fad diets has led
to dangerous conditions that include dehydration,
(muscle protein loss, hypotension, and
possible liver and kidney failure. Most fad diets are
unmanageable, and the short-term weight loss is usually
gained back once the athlete no longer or is
unable to follow the diet. Weight loss is usually water
and glycogen loss, and it is counterproductive to athletic
performance by causing dehydration and early onset
of fatigue. The best way to distinguish a fad diet from a
healthful program is to recognize these important
characteristics. Fad diets usually do the following:
1. Recommend eliminating or limiting certain foods
or food groups.
2. Claim weight loss of greater than 1 to 2 pounds
per week.
3. Sound too good to be true.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Power of Ganoderma in Healing - by R.G. Srinivasan

Ganoderma, a rare variety of Mushroom credited with the highest medicinal qualities by the classic Chinese ‘Seng Nong’ is indeed a subject of much research from the ancient china of 100 B.C. or earlier to the modern times by various universities and research organizations. It is also known as Linghzi in China and Reishi in Japan. It is said that in the ancient times anyone who found the rare Linghzi never revealed the place and kept it a secret of health, longevity and wealth. The Japanese revered the herb as ‘God’s Herb’ where it is known as Reishi. Lingzhi in medicine was considered so auspicious that its medical efficacy has been attested to in the oldest Chinese medical text (over 2,000 years old).

The book, which is known in Japan as "Shinnoh Honsohkyo", is now accepted as being the original textbook of Oriental medical science. In it, 365 kinds of medicines are classified and explained. Ganoderma is classified as “Superior Herb” or "God's Herbs" and they are for perpetual youth and longevity. The book states that for "superior" medicines, any amount can be taken as desired on a continuous basis with no unfavorable effects. Of the superior medicines listed in the text, Lingzhi was rated number one. You can see how important and powerful Lingzhi was considered in ancient times. It achieved its ranking in the Chinese text not because of its symbolic importance as a good omen but because of its medicinal properties. Centuries ago, Lingzhi was said to be a medicine that would grant you eternal youth and longevity.

But after 2,000 years, Lingzhi has jumped into the spotlight as a specific medicine for cancer. This must be a bitter irony for those in the modern medical profession who discounted the herbal remedies and oriental medicine as being “old wives' tales". The families of many cancer patients who have received a diagnostic "death sentence" now seek reishi as the only way left for them. The Linghzi Mushrooms grows only on old tree barks with specific conditions difficult to replicate. Till 1971 the herb was so rare that it was hardly sited except in mountainous areas. Many researchers had attempted to plant Ganoderma artificially but failed. Till in 1971 directed by Naoi Department of Agriculture and Professor Zenzaburo Kasai, Kyoto University made a breakthrough in its cultivation. Presently the herb is grown only by 10 countries.

The demand far outstrips supply due to the increasing evidence through various researches on its efficacy in treating many disease including Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Liver disorders and mainly as a preventive due its rich anti oxidant and detoxifying qualities. You can check further resources at Some of the research in Japan indicates that those that have taken Ganoderma for over a year the visit to doctors dropped into half. There are thousands of research paper available including on the internet on the subject of the healing breakthroughs achieved by Ganoderma in various treatments and too lengthy to discuss here. However we can highlight the research in short.

Summarized from these reports, it is found that Lingzhi have the following properties
• Improves cholesterosis, coronary insufficiency.
 • Improves hyper and hypotensions.
 • Improves nervous tension, neurosis.
• Improves chronic bronchitis, hepatitis.
• Improves leukocytopenia and reticuloendothelial system.
• Effective in numerous other ailments. The three major killers these days are: cancer, cerebrosis and coronary diseases. The latter two have their etiology closely linked to the blood circulatory system. Related problems like stroke, heart block, arteriosclerosis, obesity etc. are all tied to problems in the blood circulation. One out of three persons dies from one of the above ailments everyday. Lingzhi can correct this imbalance and strengthen the system to prevent further deterioration. What are noteworthy are its preventive capabilities.

For the 21st century man, stressed out, poisoned by the polluted atmosphere, wrong food habits and drug induced illnesses of the modern medicine. While modern medicine has been very effective in treating certain conditions effectively and immediately, they do not address the holistic approach of the ancient medicine as a preventive and for regeneration of wasted tissues and damaged cells. In conclusion, Ganoderma has been proven to exert significant effect on diminishing pain, fortifying the body's immune system and prolonging life.

Even though its role in cancer control has not been determined 100 percent yet. Ganoderma has a history of 3,000 years, during which time it is widely used by many people with no reported unfavorable side effects. It is therefore highly recommend for prevention. I hope that people from all walks of life will take a concerned interest and share in development of Herbal treatments. Hopefully, with so much research and emerging evidence, Ganoderma can bring a brighter outlook to the human race in the conquest of longevity.

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