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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Healthy Daily Menu

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, there are several different "lose weight fast" diets that have you eat the same type of food daily, like cabbage soup or no carbohydrates. Meal plans like that can offer initial weight loss, but may not be healthy in the long run. With a little bit of strategy and planning, you can create your own healthy daily menu or diet plan that can help you maintain a fit lifestyle without eating the same thing every day.

No Fruits Alone
The USDA recommends an average of five servings of fruit per day for a balanced diet. That can add up to two or three cups of fruit. If you don't like eating fruits on their own, eat them as toppings or sides with all of your meals and snacks. Chop up bananas and put them in your cereal, and have a handful of grapes with your chips. Sliced baked apples go well with a grilled pork chop dinner. Limit your intake of fruit juices, which often come loaded with sweeteners.
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