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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Motivation Beats Everything

Lack of motivation is a handicap that can stifl e a person’s potential
regardless of their strengths. If you do not want something, it simply
does not matter how talented you are. Understand that motivation is the
biggest asset you possess in pursuing your future.
 WORKING the kitchen washing dishes at a restaurant in Fresno,
California. It was undeniably the worst job in the place. “It was backbreaking
work in unbelievable heat. The pace was always hectic, and
when the dinner rush fi nally slowed, you had to face the pots and pans,”
Sam says.
Although only a teenager, Sam thought about the things he would do
differently if he ran the restaurant. “The tile fl oor would get slippery as
the night wore on, and we were always trying to come up with ways to
keep the waiters from falling down, ’cause if they fell down, it was the
dishwashers who had to clean it up,” he recalls.
It was only a dream at the time—but little by little he saved what he
could. He moved up step-by-step through restaurant jobs until he was
running the kitchen. Twenty years after he started as a dishwasher, he
opened his fi rst restaurant, and within a few years he had four locations.
Sam, who won an award for the success of his restaurants, credits
his outlook for his success: “It would not be possible without hard work,
but it would not be possible without believing in it. If I didn’t believe, I
never would have saved. I never would have learned everything I could
about the business. If you have persistence and confi dence, you have a
bright future.”
Researchers found that the future career earnings of schoolchildren were
four times more strongly infl uenced by personal motivation than by any
other factor. (Russell and Atwater 2005)

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