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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Must Approve of Yourself

You Must Approve of Yourself
You can make the best plans in the world for your life. But no action,
no accomplishment, no outcome will offer you ultimate fulfi llment.
You must offer yourself complete, unconditional approval regardless of
whatever takes place in your life.
TWO OF FREDDY Johnson’s good friends have gone on to become famous
and well-paid head coaches in professional and college basketball. Freddy
coaches high school boys’ basketball on a far smaller stage, for a far
smaller paycheck.
Far from being jealous of his friends or disappointed in himself,
Freddy celebrates their successes and his own. He keeps newspaper clippings
about his old friends in his offi ce for his players and visitors to see.
And Freddy never doubts the value of spending almost three decades
teaching and coaching the game of basketball. “It’s amazing where some
of the guys I know are now,” he says. “But I’m happy where I am, too. I
wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Freddy has won more than six hundred
games and half a dozen state titles.
Freddy’s fellow high school coaches admire his willingness to keep
learning and his willingness to surround himself with good people.
“Head coaches always want to be the dominant force on their team,”
says one competitor. “No one else should know as much as they do.
No one else should question decisions that are made. But Freddy seeks
to be around the best assistants in the game because he has the selfconfi
dence to surround himself with talented people and to take their
success as something he, too, can be proud of.”
Those who considered themselves a success were 25 percent less likely
to feel anxious about their lives, 14 percent less likely to be selfi sh, and
45 percent more likely to say they enjoyed their lives. (Chamberlain and
Haaga 2001)

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