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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seeking a healthier lifestyle is an inherently good thing that will help
you in many ways in your life. But seeking a perfect outcome—the
perfect body—is neither good nor helpful. In reality, perfection does not
exist, because for every improvement we make, we can always think of
something else that could be changed. Seek a healthy body that functions,
not a perfect body fi t for a display case.
COMEDIAN AND FORMER talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell has battled a
weight problem for as long as she can remember. One day Rosie decided
to start a club to encourage the overweight to improve their habits and
fi tness. Seeking a fi tness coach, she said, “I didn’t want some Barbie-doll
type saying, ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ Anyone who sees that is going
to think, ‘I’m never going to look like that. Why bother?’”
For the club’s head fi tness coach, Rosie hired Judy Molnar, who
stands six-foot-one and weighs two hundred pounds. “When I fi rst met
Judy,” Rosie said, “I thought, ‘Here’s someone who looks like me, looks
like a regular person.’” Judy’s message—“If I can get fi t, anyone can”—
resonated with Rosie.
A few years before, Judy began walking for her health. At the time,
she weighed three hundred pounds. Gradually her walking routine
became a running routine. And although she was not focused on losing
weight, it began to happen anyway, “one doughnut at a time,” she says.
After a year, she had lost one hundred pounds.
When O’Donnell’s club sponsored a run, Rosie had a chance to meet
countless club members. “These people told me I inspired them,” she
says. “Well, they inspired me.”
Less than 2 percent of people surveyed were unable to come up with something
they would want to change about their bodies. (U.S. Department of
Health and Human Ser vices 2002)

Be Happy to Succeed

We all think we would be happy if we were a success. But happiness
is far less dependent on objective measures of success than success
is dependent on happiness. A positive approach precedes a positive
“A LAW FIRM can be a pretty high-stress place,” Mike admits. The cofounder
of a midsize Indianapolis fi rm, Mike, together with his partners,
committed to a different vision of a law fi rm from day one.
“We thought you could build a law fi rm based on the belief that
everyone should still have a life,” Mike says. No one is expected to make
a habit of working late nights or on weekends. Everyone is expected to
take the occasional afternoon off to see their child’s class play or Little
League game. The rules apply equally to the most senior partner and the
most junior offi ce assistant.
“You start talking about these things, and some people think this
is a fi rm for slackers,” Mike says. “But we’re talking about facilitating
excellence, not impeding it. We’ve found that a human approach makes
our staff happier, which makes their efforts more sustainable. The great
secret here is that we actually expect more of our people, and we get it.
Because even though you can get people to work hard under threat and
toil, you’ll never get them to work their best that way.”
Researchers have found that happy individuals are 73 percent more likely
to go on to experience positive outcomes in both their career and their personal
life. (Lyubomirsky, King, and Diener 2005)
Health and happiness go hand in hand .So be happy to be healthy and drink healty coffee,latte,mocha,and green tea.

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