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Sunday, January 22, 2012

95% Of All Food Sold In The Supermarket Is Acid Forming!

It's true. Meats, eggs, bread, cheese, coffee, chocolate, sugar, rice, milk, cereal, cookies, crackers and many other foods create acids in our body. More so, the foods we eat are so acid forming that most people have “acid overload”. This makes it very difficult for our body to remain in the alkaline state it requires.

What does this mean?

Well, acid overload causes your blood cells to clump together. This makes it hard for them to travel to all the tiny capillaries in your body and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells. And that’s a BIG problem because your cells need oxygen and nutrients for energy.

And simply put, by not getting enough oxygen and essential nutrients you have less energy! Without these vital nutrients your cells have to work a lot harder, which makes you tired and drains your energy.

This is the most unknown yet… the major reason you are so tired and have little energy! It’s also the reason most people are overweight and unhealthy. Click Here: Detox Diet

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