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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Consumers Love Coffee

One glance at a coffeehouse drive-thru during the morning commute will tell the tale of Americans’ adoration for their morning liquid wake-up call. But what is it about coffee specifically that creates such an attachment and drives such need among consumers? Caffeine is often named as the No. 1 culprit that makes coffee drinkers keep coming back for more, but it does not tell the whole story. Other caffeinated products like sodas and tea can be addicting as well, but none with as much power or following as coffee.

A large piece of the puzzle, many direct selling leaders say, is how coffee makes consumers feel. “Coffee is a very sensuous, marketable product,” Wallach says. “People like the imagery of coffee; they’re familiar with coffee shops, the aroma, and the visual aspect of deep, rich coffee beans.” With such a recognizable aroma, coffee is an emotional product that evokes certain feelings. For some, it signals the start of a new day; for others, it is a reminder of relaxed afternoons spent around the kitchen table catching up with friends and family. Flavored varieties of the beverage only increase the emotional tie consumers feel for their favorite drink. Flavors like pumpkin spice ring in the fall, while peppermint-flavored coffee may bring thoughts of Christmas. By adding flavored coffee varieties, these direct selling companies experience a surge in customer enthusiasm for the products, and allow room for extensive product expansion that in turn provides additional opportunities for sales growth.

With such strong consumer affection, coffee has become an ingrained part of daily life in America. What’s more, for those who depend on it to kick-start their day or for gathering with friends and family, the product is a vital part of their identity.

As Americans’ relationship with coffee has evolved, so have their views on health and wellness. Thanks to increased awareness and education, diet and healthy food choices are often at the forefront of consumers’ minds. For many health-conscious coffee drinkers, worry about the possible adverse health effects associated with drinking coffee has raised concerns. However, recent scientific research offers good news for coffee drinkers and disproves previous misconceptions.

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