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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coffee … and More

Buggs joined Organo Gold in September 2008. He was brought in to help streamline the marketing process. “Most people think that we’re growing because we’re in coffee,” he says. For Organo Gold, “what was lacking was a simplified system for success. What we did was eliminate the majority of what I called the training distractions. We focused simply on the expansion of our business model through free samples and simplicity.”

Keeping things simple includes serving distributors well, says Buggs. “From the beginning we said we would make sure that we were able to receive orders properly, that we would ship the product and that we’d pay people accurately and pay them on time. That has been our promise and it’s what we’ve focused on.”

In addition, he says, part of Organo Gold’s success has been to not focus on too many products or too many different messages. It’s working. Sales in 2011, says Buggs, will be over $100 million. That’s up from $40 million in 2010, $9 million in 2009 and $2 million in the company’s first year of operation.

“Because we focus so heavily on retail sales—that’s what direct selling is—our approach was to position the product so that even if the person doesn’t become a distributor, they’ve got a product that they would want to reorder month after month after month,” Morand says. “It’s coffee—and it makes them feel good.”

Organo Gold’s model is different from other direct selling organizations. For instance, says Morand: “There’s enough profit for distributors that we have some distributors making a full-time income and they never recruit a person. We actually have a product that we can go to a neighbor and sell at full retail price.”

Organo Gold, Morand says, has a price point that is less than most gourmet coffees. “In a lot of cases companies will come out with a product where someone will say ‘Why would I buy from you when I could buy at a store cheaper?’ With Organo Gold we don’t lose our customers. They order and order and reorder because it’s not as expensive as gourmet or coffee shop coffee.”

But Organo Gold is about more than just coffee. Foundationally, Organo Gold is about Ganoderma and about incorporating Ganoderma in unique ways into commonly used products that can “deliver the treasures of the earth” to people around the world. In addition to its black coffee, Organo Gold also offers café mocha, café latte, hot chocolate and green tea, among other products. Morand is excited about some new product launches, not yet released at the time of this writing.

Buggs adds, “The beauty of our business is that there are no sales skills required in order to succeed at any level, just the ability to ask a simple question and give away free samples.”
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